What Does a Premises Liability Case Look Like?

A Premises Liability case (also called a slip and fall case) is a type of lawsuit filed against a property owner or occupier in cases where negligence causes harm to another. In many cases, you’ll want to find a law firm for premises liability.

The type of person that can be held liable for the harm under a premises liability claim depends on the jurisdiction, but in general terms it includes:

·    Landowners (property owners),

·    Tenants to the land,

·    Employees and agents of the property owner or occupier,

·    Sales representatives in their “salesman” capacity

·    Commercial invitees (customers) of a business on private property, and

·    Other persons who are invited to be on private property

In the United States, premises liability cases are governed by state law. In each state, there are essentially two doctrines that create duty of care on the part of property owners. The first is called “invitee;” commercial customers who are invited onto the premises. The second is “licensee;” to other persons who aren’t invited but are on site.

There is a duty of care on the part of property owners with both types in that they must keep their premises reasonably safe. If they fail to do so, then they are liable for a premises liability case.

·    In order to win a premises liability case, a plaintiff (the injured party) must prove that:

·    The defendant was supposed to make the space safe for the plaintiff (“duty of care”), which they breached.

find a law firm for premises liability

·    The plaintiff’s injury was caused by the breach of duty.

·    There was a causal connection between the breach and the damages that it caused.

Working with a lawyer can help you to sort out your rights and ensure that you get what you need as a result of your injury. Find a good lawyer and your case should end up in your favor.

The Dangers of Deceptive Marketing

In today’s world, businesses everywhere have some products and services they would like to sell to prospective customers. However, it is very important that companies do everything they can to keep their messaging honest about the products that they are trying to sell. Practices like deceptive marketing (also known as false advertising) damage customers’ trust in companies – and it’s also illegal!

deceptive marketing

How can you tell when a business might not be 100% honest about a product or service? Here are some rather well-known schemes that continue to be used in various forms.

False Price Discounts

This is the seemingly age-old game of advertising a product at a discounted price when the product sells for that price anyways. A good example of this would be if a clothing store ran TV ads for a sale offering a 25% discount on men’s dress shirts that were never priced higher than the advertised discount to begin with.

Misleading Claims

What if the product or service doesn’t provide the benefit it said it would? It could be another example of deceptive marketing. For instance, if the manufacturer of a nutritional supplement says it will cure migraines but there is absolutely no scientific evidence to back up that claim, the company could be subject to a court order to stop advertising that way because of false or misleading claims.

The Classic: Bait and Switch

Here’s another ploy that is frequently used – a store advertises a desirable product that they don’t have in stock at a really really good price to draw customers in, but with the warning that supplies are limited. That way, when people show up to get the deal, the retailer says they’re sold out and then tries to sell a different product.

You now have a better idea of what deceptive marketing is, and how you can keep an eye out for not-so-honest businesses who might not be telling the whole truth about something they are advertising. The better you get at spotting these tactics, the more eagle-eyed of a shopper you can be.

Civil Engineering Can Help

Civil engineering can help in a number of ways. That is to say that the property owner, he could be commercial, industrial or domestic, has invested in full and proper qualifications. A civil structural forensic engineer, for instance, would surely have a range of expertees that could be of help, to say nothing of the practice being fully licensed and registered. What is the significance of all of this so far? How could civil engineering help.

civil structural forensic engineer

How does it help?

It helps immeasurably in keeping the constructed or renovated or reconstructed building, as well as its occupants safe. Every effort must now be made to make sure that the building is both shock-proof and earthquake proof. Should any such damages arise, they must at least be minimal. There is that too. Buildings can be weather-proofed as well. They can be guarded against high levels of precipitation as well as the sun’s UV rays.

And a most popular contribution is being made by today’s leading civil structural forensic engineers today. They are now in a position to both design and proof buildings to become green-friendly or environmentally friendly. To think; architectural designers are winning awards for this type of thing, civil engineers too of course. Because has it not become so critically important to safeguard the green environment as far as possible.

Even if it means designing, constructing, resurrecting, refurbishing a property construction, whether commercial, industrial or domestic. And today, commercial property owners and business owners too are going for it because there are incentives to do so. An enviro-friendly building could end up being a tax-free zone. Yes, that’s quite correct. Tax credits or rebates could be offered if your property stock is environmentally sound.

And that’s work for your civil structural forensic engineer to do.

Finding A Top Accident Attorney

There is never a good moment to get into an accident. When you are already dealing with so many other things in your life, you may feel as though this is the last thing that you wanted. If you were in a semi truck accident and need an attorney consultation, then you are going to want to get help quickly.

The initial problem in locating legal representation is that you may feel as though you have already been taken advantage of. You may not be in the best position to know what your rights are or what the laws in your area say about accidents in general. Finding a top accident attorney can make the process so much smoother and more comfortable for you. Even though you are still suffering and that is not going to go away quickly, you will be able to get a lot of help.

If you are in a semi truck accident and need an attorney consultation, then the best thing that you can do is to ask around. Find out who in your area has helped similar people in the past with their accidents in general. These may be car accidents, slip and fall cases or other kinds of personal injury cases but finding someone in this field can make all the difference. They will be able to help you with this case in a big way.

in a semi truck accident and need an attorney consultation

You may want to reach out to people in the same area in which you live in now. If you have moved in the last few months, then this is probably a good place to start in your search for information. You may also be able to find some people in other cities or states as well and that can really help as well. Then you will be good to go.