5 Celebrities that Love to Gamble with Money

When you have boatloads of money, you can afford to spend it extravagantly in the world of gambling. And we all know that gambling has an allure that turns even the soberest of men into addicts. Celebrities are no different than us mortals. They’re prone to the same gambling habits as we are. Many famous names have spent millions on gambling games and shown a propensity for taking massive risks. We’re going to explore some top celebrities who have won and lost massive amounts on gambling and how these outcomes have affected their careers.

1.    Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. is renowned for displaying his decadence on social media. His massive fortune isn’t privy to anyone. Rivalo Sports Arguably, one of the greatest professional boxers of all time, he has a knack for betting big on college football. Mayweather hates losing, and maybe that’s why he has an infallible record in professional boxing. He has carried this winning mentality to gambling, and recently won a 3 million dollar bet on a college football game. He has also been known to bet a staggering 4000,000 dollar on a single sporting event. Once, he asked his wife to drop off 700,000 dollars to come good on a single casino bet. In 2014, there were reports that Mayweather had a placed an unbelievable 10 million dollar bet, touting Broncos to win the super bowl ― showing that he isn’t afraid to risk it big.

2.    Michael Jordan      

Michael Jordan has failed to replicate his winning form in gambling. He is regarded by many as, unquestionably, one of the greatest players to ever grace basketball, but his gambling skills need a lot of improvement. He, once, lost $ 165,000 in Atlantic City on a single bet. I mean, I know, he is filthy rich, but losing that much on a single bet isn’t going to reflect well on his gambling resume. He has also dirtied his hands with Poker, and amassed failures even there.

He plays golf with tiger woods, and once lost a massive 1.25 million dollar bet to Richard Esquinas while playing Golf. Some say that he retired from basketball because of his gambling addiction.

  1.    Tiger Woods

Tiger wood’s doesn’t need an introduction. Everyone knows what the man has achieved in pro-golf. Besides cementing his name as the best golfer in history, he has also had his fair share of scandals. His personal life has been mired in sexual affairs and gambling. Some sources reported that he bets 25,000 dollars per hand in blackjack. The MGM Grand in Las Vegas even imposed a 1 million betting limit on him, just to keep his gambling addiction at bay. Tiger woods loves the company of sexy divas, and that’s why, whenever he gambles, he never forgets to circle the table with beautiful girls. His gambling addiction came in the limelight when he befriended Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan who are also avid gamblers.

4.    Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson made a name for himself in the world of Basketball, but many people are unaware of his spectacles in the gambling world. He earned a fortune while playing basketball, but he almost went bankrupt due to gambling debts. Gambling addiction has its implications and they had a bruising effect on Iverson’s life. Not only did he go broke, but also ended up being divorced by his wife. Other setbacks included, losing a 50 million lifetime collaboration deal with Rebook. Casino managers and employees have a complained about his misdemeanors on the grounds of the casino multiple times. And have gone so far as to imposing lifetime bans on him to cease him from creating unrest. This shows that gambling has the capacity to wreak havoc on your life, and requires the same rehabilitation as alcoholism does.

  1.    Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen’s entire career has been marred with controversies. From hiding his HIV diagnosis to sexual harassment cases, he’s done it all to deem himself worthy of being labeled as the quintessential “Playboy”.  To no surprise, he has also smeared his reputation by gambling on a frequent basis. Denise Richards, his ex-wife, claimed that he spends over 200,000 dollars each week, just to satiate his gambling appetite. Moreover, he also bets huge amounts on professional sports events. His gambling addiction had grown to such an extent that once he placed a bet over the phone, while on his way to the hospital for his daughter’s birth.

Gambling addiction has tainted the lives of renowned celebrities. It continues to exacerbate the financial condition of people from all walks of life.